Monday, December 26, 2011

merry day

hia. last week my sister noticed that her 3 kids handled their advents differently. one left the doors open. one closed them back up. and one tore the doors off. interesting. these were always a part of our holiday tradition. and we are lucky to have a popular German meat store nearby that sells other very nice things. including special items when the holidays come around. i really needed a stress-free Xmas this year. but it still had to include handmade things. so here's what i did-got-done. 2 kindle covers. 2 teatowels with names. 10 hemp washcloths. plus a few more for after holiday gift-giving. and 11 fleece hats. and the to-go-with-things were. 2 kindles. 2 purchased teatowels. and 11 soaps. mission accomplished. feels good. but to set the record straight. i gave one of those kindle to me. finally. Santa must have lost my letters for the last few years. i must write and tell him he can cross that off his list.

kindle cover. a tutorial by Elizabeth of Elizabeth's Whimsies blog. super directions. i continued the patchwork on the back instead of one piece. fits a K-keyboard nicely. for the K-touch i just made it 1/2 shorter. used an upcyled blanket in lieu of batting. so omitting the quilted stitching was not a problem. names on teatowels. my own design. thinking about doing a tutorial. are you interested. hemp washcloths. yarn and pattern by Hemp for Knitting by Lanaknits. the yarn was fabulous to work with. and the pattern super quick to make. even quicker because i dropped off a few stitches and did only 8 repeats. but a nice finished cloth measuring 8 in. x 8-1/2 in. fleece hat. The Green Pepper pattern #549. super simple. the little ones got shorter ears and just a tassel on top. the boys got longer ears and just a braid on top. and the girls got longer ears with all the braids. i omitted the topstitching and just zig-zagged-closed the opening by the back seam. i made all the sizes for the baby to the 18 year old. and very pleased that everyone liked them. soap. Pre de Provence. i got Linden and Lavendar Fig. you can also get some here. this was a recommendation from the LYS. and much appreciated. William and Kate Royal Wedding teatowels. so happy i found these. a perfect souvenier to end the year. and next year aka next month maybe these.

i hope everyone is well rested or will spend time this week to do so. my wish for you. just a few moments to enjoy the quiet of a regular day. but if you're anxious to get an early start on next year's list. above are some details that helped me.