Monday, August 5, 2013

Stitchie Love

i joined the For The Love Of Hand Embroidery group.
it is hosted by Jane of Jane's Fabrics blog and starts today.
the highlights are that we can choose any pattern we want to.
and we should use Presencia thread.
if i have previously shown you any embroidery.
likely i had stated and used DMC thread.
so in addition to the fun of picking a pattern to share.
this will be my first experience with Presencia.
the schedule of participants can be found here.
my turn is not until the 2nd Monday of December.
but it begins with Jane herself and her post can be found here.
i thought i would keep you in the stitchie mood.
and share some of my favorite stitch designers.

today is:
Catherine's Bumpkin blog.
Catherine's Etsy shop.
Catherine's Facebook page.
Catherine's work has been included in this new book.
to celebrate this. until Wednesday midnight UK time.
Catherins here has a special offer.
i've gone ahead and purchased this one in Bluebell and Clover.
to see something i stitched by Catherine go here.
and i kinda sorta did blog about it here.

maybe it's one of Catherine's patterns i have picked!!