Wavy-Wavy Scarf Pattern tips for beginners

the pattern repeat is the same as my Wavy Wiper Pattern.
so mostly tips and hints to help you knit my pattern into a scarf.

1. recommended yarns.
you may pick any yarn you like or already have.
but after keeping track of all those in's and out's.
i strongly recommend yarns that will show off the curved edge.
so knit a sample of at least the first 4 bumps.
needles suggested or one size smaller for your yarn works well.

2. keep track of where you are with a moveable marker.
after you complete a pattern repeat.
you will have 8 bumps on the front.
place marker in middle of work.
complete 8 more bumps above this marker.
move the marker to the 8th bump.

3. which side is the front and which side is the back.
if you completed the first row as indicated on the pattern.
there will be a tail stitcking out. that is the back.
place marker on the other side. that is the front.

4. recognizing the completion of a pattern repeat.
you have completed a pattern repeat when:
there are 8 bumps on the front and on the back.
AND there are 15 stitches on the needle.
it is easy to get lost when knitting.
so using and moving a movable marker is extremely helpful.
counting stitches does not entirely indicate when you are increasing or decreasing. and counting 8 bumps etc. from the beginning just takes too long.

5. how to end one skein and attach another.
if you are a beginner you may appreciate this more than others.
when working a right side row work until 7 sts. are left.
end of old yarn will be hanging in the back.
pick up new yarn and hold with the old yarn.
work both yarns together on 4 stitches.
drop old yarn and finish row.

6. from time to time i will add information right here.
on yarns used and yardages needed and finished sizes.

Mirasol T'ika.
100% pima cotton.
2 skeins. 91 yds. each.
#6 needles. 50 in. long. 4 in. wide.

Deborah Norville Everyday.
100% acrylic.
1 skein. 180 yds. each.
#8 needles. 44 in. long. 5 in. wide.

swatching for:
Nice & Knit Worsted.
100% superwash wool.
1 skein. 218 yds. each.
#7 needles. ____ in. long. ____ in. wide.

©2009-2017 Karen Kimshel (the Wavy Wiper Pattern and Wavy-Wavy Scarf Pattern are for your own personal use or for gifts that you are giving).