Friday, October 23, 2009

Have Ya Noticed...

how focused and organized i seem to be lately.
it happens sometimes. and then it just goes away.
but the panic of i-could've-done-all-that-in-October has set in.
my Schnibbles is pinned. and my Half-Pint is on the design wall.
and i've cut out an apron. cute pattern can be found could be my new basket system. most of my 8 blue baskets were in the pantry ooozing with maple syrup or other sticky stuff. i went to store to get more and they only have them in white. so i left. but i don't care what color is in the pantry hall closet. so i might have to go back. because my blue baskets are now my-important-project-baskets.i have plenty of these wicker ones so it's holding my Half-Pint. it has a big handle so i feel like Laura Ingalls when i go get it.this bucket really works for me. when i find lost pattern pieces. that's where they go until i decide where they really should's unfortunate that i put this sofa table/computer table in front of a really nice dresser that i can't see or use anymore. but that's where the plug and cable come in. i probably won't move it any time soon. because i can also see the t.v. from here. and that outranks almost everything.


Rumi said...

Being organized does make for a more productive day. I have a mess on my hands right now so I need to hop to it too!

Jackie said...

I agree with Rumi, organization is sometimes the key to production. Love what you are doing.

Eileen said...

You crack me up. I do the same thing.. covering up dressers with desks and tables so the drawers can't be opened. But you can only do so much with limited space.

Love all your buckets and baskets. Especially the Laura Ingalls one. :-)