Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wavy Wiper - Scrappy Bundle

remember these. i made 3 lots of scrappy bundle was mailed to a secret friend.
one bundle is hanging out in in my shop has been sold.
one bundle is for someone who leaves a comment. might be you.
the picking will happen on Wednesday is over.


CindyK said...

These are wonderful! I have always struggled with dishcloths that are too big - these seem like the perfect size!

Kathie said...

well aren't these adorable! HOw lucky that friend is gong to be when the package arrives!
that was so nice of you.
I think this is a great giveaway!

Andee said...

They look great! Very cute!

Sherrill said...

I LOVE those wavy wipers..such pretty colors! Thanks for the giveaway.

Rumi said...

These are great! Love them Karen!

Gari said...

These remind me of a scrubbie I received from someone online when I was very new to blogging. I was using it just yesterday and commented that it is really wonderful to work with.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Ohhh I love them Karen. These are perfect size and the wavy edges are so cute.

Des said...

*doing VERY happy dance*
KAAAARRRREEEN!! If my dang camera was working I would be taking a picture of the gross and disgusting dish cloths that i am right now, CHUCKING in the garbage.

I cannot tell you how happy these made me. I will be happy for years or until these start to smell too. Why it happens, i don't know the science of it all. But, I shall wipe my way to happiness in the meantime!!!!

love ya much!!!