Sunday, September 5, 2010

DIY Bundle

Rumi. you have been picked to receive a DIY bundle. thank you for sending in your entry. and. up for grabs. is a Single Wiper made from a new scented yarn. it's a mint green by Sugar 'N Cream. there's nothing terribly awful about it. it's just not for me. do you want it? email me. if you're the first one to do so. i'll send it to you. and i'll include the rest of the yarn not used.


Shari said...

Scented yarn? Sounds wild. If you send it to me I will have a go a making something...

Anonymous said...

Oooo a scented yarn- now that's unusual. What does it smell of- not seen those around here.

Rumi said...

Oh Yipee! Lucky me! Thanks Karen. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wavy wiper and now I can make many more!

Anonymous said...

Hia Karen

I sent the following my email but it bounced.

thank you so much for the wavey wiper. Great job! It arrived today- so
exciting to open a parcel from you.

I still haven't managed some time in the craft room lately. I think I
will have to go a bit Irish and have a late night lock in there but with
pints of coffee. LOL

Hugs and thank you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Thenk you so very much for the wavy wiper. Was so excited when the mail lady brought it yesterday. Can't wait to use it and to get my knitting needles working.
Thanks again.
Hugs, Barbara