Thursday, December 9, 2010

Love A Good Cloth

but i have issues with this one.Spring Time Wash Cloth pattern by I Live On A Farm.
Red Heart Eco-Cotton Blend 75% recycled cotton 25% acrylic.
#5 needles on the orange. 50 sts. 11 pattern repeats.
#6 needles on the beige. 50 sts. 24 pattern repeats.
i knit the beige ones until the yarn was gone.
i washed and tested before posting.
the blend probably makes it stronger.
i did not like the way it felt when washing the dishes.
and i thought it did not absorb water when drying my hands.
so i'll be using them as a morning mat.
the pattern stitch is still lovely and i will knit again.

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Rumi said...

That is a lovely pattern. The yarn may not be great for using as dishcloths but looks great as a morning mat. I'll remember to only use 100% cotton for my cloths.