Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love A Good Cloth

The Perfect Little Washing Cloth by Messy Karen.
Sugar N Cream. 100% cotton. #6 or #7 needles.
makes approx. a 4-1/2 in. square.
here's my pattern: cast on 21 sts.
or any combination of 4 plus 1.
K2, P2, repeat to last stitch, K1.
work 27 rows. cast off. weave in your ends.
i like it best in the big stripe colors.
but beauty and perfection is yours to decide.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Green and white is so fresh looking. These are lovely. I love my cloths you made me.

Shannon said...

They look great. I love using the dish rags you sent me.

Lynn said...

Love the green! It reminds me of vintage green bakelite dishes. I love my cloths too. Just looking at the rainbow of them makes me happy!

Des said...

NO, i LOVE the cloths you made for ME, the most. The most, the most, the most. My husband wants them bigger, but they are THE perfect size. you are the best.

CindyK said...

These look lovely! I knitted up a bunch of the Wavy wipers and this will be my next project once I finish knitting all the baby wash cloths I have planned for friends who are having babies! I love to knit small projects - no big shawls or afghans for me! Thanks for your inspiration!