Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 things

these are a few things i would like to start in 2012. Swoon. everyone seems to be making this quilt. and i can see why. i want one. might even have some fabrics. looking for a background. i ordered a pink. but it didn't work. so using it for my Blogger's BOM quilt. i like it there. The Night Garden. i emailed to get templates. and soon will be deciding on fabric. so i will make some practice blocks. and to get me started there is a lovely tutorial. can't ask for more than that. Flock Together. found while flipping thru Sarah's book. possible stash fabrics will be used. but i really-really want to use this b&w for the background. trouble is. only purchased one-eighth-of-a-yard. crazy. now i want yards of it. does anyone know who makes it. have you seen it. anywhere. help.


Houseelf said...

I've had a rummage on the net for you. The nearest I could see was this one but it isn't exactly alike:

Corrie said...

I've started my Swoon. :) Sorry, don't know where the bugs are hiding.