Wednesday, February 29, 2012

using your knuckles

i did a small rendition of the "30 days have September" sing-song to my Mom last month. i only say the first 3 lines. then i showed her that thing i do with my knuckles. i don't remember who showed this to me. but i was really young. and i am guessing that it was not my Mom. have you done this. make a fist. and use your finger to point to the first knuckle. then the space between your next knuckle. and so on. while saying the months starting with January. all the months that land on a knuckle have 31 days. and all the months that land on the space between have 30 days. except February. which everyone knows has 28 or 29. when you get to your last knuckle. July. 31. you go back to your first knuckle. August. 31.

just signed up for Mollie's stitch swap. it closes later today. so not too late. you stitch something in a 4 in. hoop and send it ready to hang. tomorrow i should be receiving the March design for The Dessert of the Month Club for March. i'm guessing that it will include something green. my start on the January cottage was posted yesterday for The Cottage Stitch-A-Long. i am in The Cottage Stitch-A-Long 2. and i am absolutely in love with another design that has a stitch-a-long. which you can see better here. holding back for now. because i am considering joining the Garden Steps Quilt Along. what are you doing on your extra day.

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Lynn said...

I forgot about the knuckle thing! So many sew alongs, they are hard to resist! I'm doing the granny squares one that starts tomorrow on Old Red Barn Blog