Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BOM Rehab

1 more block. yeah!! "my rules" for this quilt are just one print mixed with the yellow. could have done more with the added square. but the yellow got in so no need to do more. but in black wouldn't it look like a "beauty mark". Blogger's BOM.
block 5 is designed by John of his Quilt Dad blog.

for info on Blogger's BOM Quilt Along see Jackie of Canton Village Quilt Works blog.

for info on BOM Rehab see Sinta Renee on her Pink Pincushion blog.


Josie McRazie said...

Love it! Reminds me I have to get my march block done for blogger BOM! OOS better get on that!! :)

Sinta Renee said...

That looks like a fun block to make! Love the fabrics!

Houseelf said...

Well done Karen. The block reminds we of cherry blossom.

I'm sewing again at long last now the house is fit to be viewed bu a buyer.

rubyslipperz said...

The title of your blog put a big (no huge) smile on mee ol' face! It occured to me that i could've title my blog "MESSY Annie"!

The block is really great...with lots of possibilities. Thanks for sharing!