Saturday, June 23, 2012

channelling Kootoyoo....

been watching Kootoyoo post her collections probably since the beginning. been itching to make my own. so here is April.

healthy Eden tea i should drink more of.
real tears would flow if beaded headband was lost.
springerle cookie mold bought at fancy kitchen shop.
Munson bunnies only available at Eastertime.
hoop lehsmik sent to mindboggld for Wild Olive Stitch Swap.
my Chevy clicker and other keys i need.
just-looks-vintage button from sister's coat i mended.
Betty Crocker iced tea spoon i eat dinner with.
my Fendi reading glasses from when i wore contacs.
small Emma Bridgewater dotty plate.


Annemariesquilt said...

Lovely !!
Have more fun Karen ;-)

Corrie said...

Munson bunnies? I've never heard of them. I have a house of Munson's. Very nice insight into Messy Karen.