Thursday, August 16, 2012


you would think i have been on a break. certainly not intended. but 5 posts in the last 3 months. bloody awful. the Olympics have made my English come out. good grief. and now. oh my goodness. i need-need-need to take a break. my machine has been delivered to the sewing repair shop. an all-time-record without a tune-up. there must be gawds-and-gawds of fluff inside. a few weeks apart can only be good for both of us. above is one-of-a-million pics taken of me and my sister. i have always liked this one. the styling is questionable. ya think. my Mom really did sew us pretty matching outfits. but these ensembles reek of thrifting. i would be the oldest so not the child with the arrow pointing at her. so taking a break. reading a few books. knitting some small projects. and checking out new stuff like. Lancaster Diamond Quilt Along. (i got the templates). Washi Dress Pattern. (love it). Ron Swanson Along. (yup i started this one). Betsy's Closet Stitch Along. (very cute but not right now). Quaker Ridge Shawlette Knit Along. (so want to). Silk Moon Crescent Shawlette. (casting off). A Tiny Tree Pattern. (hope to find the time). did i miss anything?


Houseelf said...

Have a well earned rest like your sewing machine. I'd be using the time to make a list of all the lovely projects I come across in books. Too often they get overlooked in favour of paper patterns in my craft room.

Sinta Renee said...

Betsy's Closet will keep you stitching while your machine is getting a once over! Perfect solution. I joined BC also... but only have one done so far!

Nanette Merrill said...

You are one busy girl. I clicked the links. All great projects. Love love the photo. fabulous. Pictures like that are priceless. And they tell the story.