Friday, February 14, 2014

Everyday Cardigan KAL

a bit late posting this week.
as i had my own bit of trouble with the increases.
first without consulting the pattern i knit 3 rib sections.
only to discover i had skipped an increase row. maybe two of them.
next i thought my "increases with pf&b" were too lumpy.
i think Spud & Chloe Sweater yarn is just not a flat yarn
and this problem would not be an issue with other yarns.
but i chose it. for a good reason. so i must figure it out.
redid on knit side but increased with "make 1's".
found i did not like the way it seemed twisted.
redid on knit side again but worked "increases with kf&b".
not that clever of me. the pattern continues with this version.

all of this happened.
while i was waiting for another color to arrive.
i picked "rainstorm" and it is simply a perfect navy.
this one will have the pattern's seed stitch neckline.
you just can never know at this point which you will prefer later.
so i am just going to commit to both.

did you visit Lisa this week.
she started amd finished a pullover with cap sleeves.
i was excited to find the pattern is ready.
and plan to cast on a pullover soon.
and i would say yes to a cap sleeve version with buttons.

making 2 sweaters.
one with rib at neckline.
one with seed at neckline.
6 stitches for the seed button band.
6 rows for the seed neckline.
extra 2 rows at neckline are just extra.
so i can start the pattern at row 1.
completed first increase one row earlier.
i did place a purl stitch between the sweater and the band.
will show you that next week.

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