Saturday, May 3, 2014

Doll Quilt Swap 2014

love it!
my sweet little quilt made by Michelle.
i don't patchwork with such gorgeous repro colors.
except the ones i make along with Lori.
so i am making a note to use more on a future project.

included was a magazine and a stitching kit.
appreciate that as i have not purchased many mags lately.
Michelle made my quilt.
and i made a quilt for Judith.
as far as i can tell neither of these quilters have a blog.
Michelle mailed mine well before the deadline.
of course i mailed a bit late.
thankfully it was promptly received ------ pheww!!
and the following is the quilt i made for Judith.

and my label.

a big thank you to Lori for hosting this fun swap.
i think i will create a Flickr album just for Lori's things.


Lori said...

And thank you for joining! I love both quilts!!

Heartsdesire said...

What a cute quilt you received from Michelle. I love all the repro fabrics. I also love the quilt you sent to me. We are all so lucky to be part of Lori's quilt swap and be receiving such wonderful small doll quilts. I know it was a lot of work for Lori, but I'd happily join one again.

belarmina said...

los dos minis
son preciosos