Thursday, July 10, 2014

Little House on the Prairie Sew Along

was going to lay low because i hate multi-tasking in the heat.
but this sew along was too adorable. don't you agree.
Amy and her daughter Lily are reading the books.
and are making blocks inspired by the stories.
i did watch and enjoy the t.v. show.
so does it matter that i am.
~cough~cough~years~old. probably not.
go and see the sew along posts on Amy's During Quiet Time blog.
i am very impressed with Lily's fabric choices.

for me i really liked a Ghastlie mane.
with a Downton body. on a Denyse background.
now i can sit back and search the stash for other fabrics to use.

block 2 : Black Susan.
second block for first book.

block 4 : Pet and Patty.
second block for second book.

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