Friday, October 28, 2011

a really-mini-version of my quilt

i like saying that. really. i love muggie rugs and dollie quilts. but these little lovelies can be used or not used so many different ways. i know that i was going to show you my mini quilt yesterday. but when i got home. well i forgot about you. just sat there flaberghasted by all the bloggie blog hop traffic. and here too. 160+ comments. thank you. overwhelmed by many of you wanting to win. or just plain see. well i put it in the mail yesterday. and i miss it. i made the squares 3 in. only because of few of my scraps were not bigger. looks good. but they can't really handle such long ties. they look much better on the 4-1/2 in. squares. but i left them that way. Jackie can cut them down if she wants to. but the Ghastlies may not approve!! have you all been enjoying the hop. i have. been to every blog. left lots of comments. have been Ghastlie-inspired in directions i never thought of. taking some notes. and there are 5 more days to go.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Miss Karen ♥ The Ghastlies

comments after 10 p.m. EST will not be included.
you are welcome to continue to comment.
congrats to Jackie #122.
you're the winner of a really-mini-version of my quilt.
will post picture tomorrow.
grand prize winner for today has yet to be announced.
there were 2 grand prize winners for Day 3.
Sheri from Ms. Penny. and YES. Jackie from Miss Karen.

today is my day to share a secret project. and it's....
my go-to-patchwork-and-flannel-blanket-with-lots-and-lots-of-ties.4-1/2 in. squares.
in a 12-by-12 design.
12 each of 12 different fabrics.
"a Ghastlie night" on white, and pink.
"trees" on white, grey, and pink.
all six prints from "Shades of Grey" by Daisy Janie.
and a blue from "Lou Lou Thi" by Anna Maria Horner.

you might also want to have a look at.
my Madison bag which i completed a few months ago.

at the end of today one comment will be picked from this post.
that name will win (from me) a really-mini-version of my quilt.
got that. a really-mini-version.
AND that name will be shared with Madam Samm.
for a Ghastlie giveaway on Madam Samm's Sew I Quilt blog.

now i'm off to see what the other Ghastlie girls have been up to.
Mrs. Barb.
Ms. Loralynn.
Ms. Jen.
Ms. Penny.
Mrs. Rhonda.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Ghastlies Blog Hop

Miss Karen welcomes you.
to the 1st Annual Ghastlies Blog Hop.
it starts Monday, October 24th.
and ends Friday, November 4th.

54 of us.
have secretly been making things
using The Ghastlies fabric.
we knew it would be fun.
and thought you would think so too.

every week day there will be a list of bloggers to visit.
each blogger will show you a trick (aka their secret project).
and some might even have a treat (aka their own giveaway).
at the end of each day one comment will be picked from each blog.
and that name will be shared with Madam Samm.
for a Ghastlie giveaway on Madam Samm's Sew I Quilt blog for that day.
shipping cost will be the responsibility of winners.
however there is one prize which will have free shipping.

stop back on Wednesday, October 26th.
to see my secret project.
but be careful.
you could very well catch The Ghastlies fabric fever.