Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another What?

i know that joining a quilt along should depend on whether you have enough time. and i laugh when someone says they just can't play. because we all know they really want to. for me it just depends on whether i can pick the right fabric. without alot of information. you also have to trust what is about to happen.jelly roll sampler QAL (every two weeks getting it done).
party pinwheel QAL (made a few blocks anxious to finish the rest).
pinwheel sampler QAL (how on earth did i manage to finish that).
half pint QAL (finished top and finally found perfect backing).
wild geese QAL (making duplicates and lots and lots of geese).
star sampler QAL (can't decide what to use so may not do this one).
charming friends QAL (looking for big piece in stash just can't find it).
cheddar cheese QAL (tested my patience so any day now maybe).
crazy mom quilts QAL (decisions decisions then i picked the above).

added some more because they just don't stop:
charm pack quilt along (thinking about it).

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Peace Man

when you ask little girls to pick out whatever they want. you really need to mean here it is. the quality of the fabric is a bit yucky for me. they love it. me not so much. ☮. peace man. ☮.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Love A Good Cloth

Theresa Gaffey design #11.
one skein Louet Euroflax Sport Weight Linen.
two linen washcloths. French Blue.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

XXXI thru XXXIV or.... XVI thru XX

please visit other participants listed here.Lockwood visits Heathcliff to say he won't be staying. a courteous visit that ends with a walk to the door. fast-much-forward Lockwood comes back to settle his bill. arriving unannounced finds Nelly no longer at the Grange. so he skips over to the Heights. Nelly replaced the gotta-go-Zilah. that's when we and Lockwood find out that Heathcliff is dead. and so Nelly continues with her story. which starts while Heathcliff is still alive. he prefers to be alone. won't eat. won't sleep. refusing to see Kenneth. the doctor. breathing heavy. wants to write his will. concerned about his burial. seems like he knows death is near. and it is. a bond eventually forms between Catherine and Hareton. and soon Nelly will get her wish to live happily ever after. with Catherine and Hareton of course.

thank you Jill for hosting. i'm doing the happy-dance and overjoyed to claim the accomplishment. no more re-reading for me. this is not-my-thing like it is for Jill and her friends. but i plan to join her next adventure. starting July 10th is The Brothers Karamazov. even if you don't want to read this. i encourage you to read a book on your-some-day-list.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Country Gatherings

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

XXVIII thru XXX or.... XIV thru XVI

please visit other participants listed here.that darn Emily just wants us to quickly run behind her while she randomly tells us some things and not others. listen to me complain. have you ever heard me tell a story. the kids got married. were forced to get married. no details whatsoever. no need. first her daddy dies. and then her husband dies. very quickly property goes from father to daughter to daughter's husband to father-in-law. and Nelly who always had it together is no longer in control. makes you wonder why she felt like telling this story in the first place. lately my be-quiet-and-just-re-read-it has proved most difficult. tomorrow is our last day. summing up the last four chapters. so a bit more of that-re-reading will take place today.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pickles and Ice Cream

Staci was beautiful. the food was delicious. the gifts were very generous. and the invitations and party favors made by Tanya were adorable.of course we finished our Dream Catcher Baby Blanket and Hat. that's Nora in the front. and the knitters are Linda, Me, Anna, Tanya and Jessica(not in pic).Staci and Vito.Linda and Nora.Vito with Jerry and Tanya.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along

these are blocks 7 and 8. and that is a very cute jelly roll i won in the block 6 drawing. thank you Konda.all of the details can be found on Moose on the Porch Quilts. each block is made by a different designer. every two weeks. check the Flickr pool. or my Flickr set.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

next 8 rows knit by me.

after this i gave to Anna. when she was younger at the end of every day in Italy the women used to gather together and just knit. they probably did other crafty stuff. but she was always with them and watching them doing their thing. everytime i visit she has another beautiful-well-worn-tablecloth-from-the-old-country. i love all of them. but i also just want to cut them up and make a giant-patchwork-table-dressing.

then she gave to Tanya. this is Anna's daughter. who just had a baby. well i think he's five months old. Tanya hasn't knitted since being little when her grandmother taught her. but she agreed to do this project and has literally caught the knitting bug. her next project is practically on the needles. but there's a baby shower next weekend. so patience is being tested right now.

then i managed to take a week to get to the three-needle-bind-off. but now it goes back to Linda to make the pom-poms. why Linda. well i must have watched her make hundreds of them using cardboard circles. can you believe ump-teen-many-years-later she asked me for a pom-pom-maker! geeesh! so everything is on schedule. next time this week it will be all-wrapped-up-and-ready-to-give! and oooh-oooh. i bought the cutest card. show ya later.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jelly Roll Classic Sampler BOM

turns out i made cream petals in a circle. meant for them to be green. i guess i was concentrating on turning that ric-rac fabric into a diamond. not about to change anything now. here's Block 4.this is the Jelly Roll Classic Sampler BOM from The Quilt Room. the pdf files are no longer available from the website. but the pattern has been published in their new book. Jelly Roll Sampler Quilts.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

XXV thru XXVII or.... XI thru XIII

please visit other participants listed here.the health of Heathcliff is unknown. but Edgar continues to be sick. they both want the children to eventually marry. but keep them apart. Cathy is finally allowed to visit Linton half-way and with Nelly. but on a return visit are tricked into the house. i didn't understand the scuffle. Heathcliff slapping Cathy. and pushing Nelly. but Linton is afraid of his father who wants them to marry soon. like in the morning. and despite Cathy promising to marry if she is allowed to return home. Heathcliff keeps both Cathy and Nelly from leaving. in an upstairs room with a lock on it. for several days.