Sunday, December 28, 2008

Scrappy Sunday

Block #24

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tree In A Bag

i wasn't able to finish many of my gifts. but i am having a very merry christmas. thank you Eileen for your groovy owls.Pamela Joy has traveled up from Florida to join us this year. as she doesn't come very often it's such a treat to see her.last year's tree was a little bigger. as i keep mine very simple. i adore staring at other's tree when i am visiting. a tree decorated with love and memories is so beautiful.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Winter Snow

it's been snowing for three days now. oh dear. stuck at home with nothing to do. just hoping the sun shines when it's all over so i don't have to dig my car out of it's spot.this figurine is called A Winter Snow. & part of The Jessie Wilcox Smith Collection. see here to see the other figurines.

Friday, December 19, 2008

One Weekend Before Xmas

yikes. time is running out. just enough days left to finish some important presents. this is what i am working on:

making 5. finished 0.making 16. that's what i said. finished 0.finished 6. mailed you recognize a pattern here. i did actually finish one gift. a beautiful basket. can't show you the goodies. as soon as i can decide which paper to use i will wrap them all up. until then i have put Santa in charge of keeping it safe. Santa is also going to make sure that i don't keep this one for myself.despite the amount of work i have left to do. i am optimistic about finishing on time. but in case i am sewing up until the last minute. my gift wrapping is simple and ready to go.if they have any left i would recommend running out to get some lunch size bags being sold by Whole Foods. they are only 79 cents each and i know that each recipient will reuse them many many times. pretty & practical.

this one was used to make basket. but i made changes to three measurements so it would be bigger. the 24 squares were cut 2-1/2 in. instead of 2 in. the bottom piece was cut 12-1/2 in. x 7 in. and the handles were made about 6-1/2 in. long instead of 5 in. because of these changes the lining had to be bigger. & you can't see but there is a 3 in. border of bottom fabric sewed to white cotton.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Be Peaceful

this is my Be Peaceful block before the "be peaceful" lettering is added. not much else is missing. just blush on the cheeks of the favorite part of night is when the color of the sky is this bright royal blue. i find it peaceful. in the book this is the Be Prayerful block.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scrappy Sunday

i had to show you this from yesterday. how did the fortune cookie people know i needed some support. & this fabulous fabric made me famous in my family. but i'm using the last ot it this year. boo-hoo.another inspired project from LMP+QG. pg. 29. can't show you the whole thing. it's a secret. but you get the idea. email me & maybe i'll show you the rest.and this week's scrappy block wasn't going to get done because i couldn't find 12 pieces that i haven't used. yesterday i looked again. hang on to your fabric. because two weeks ago i stole a tiny piece of the candycane fabric from Jessica. and yesterday i stole tiny pieces of these still auditioning fabrics from my sister. i'm getting desperate. but the result is Block #23.& if you're on Blogger i wanted to share this with you. Pamela Joy pointed it out to me this summer. it's a slideshow of recently published photos. & if you see something that interests you. you can just click on it and go to their blog. i've never seen any of mine on there. so i don't know who chooses them.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Two Weekends Before Xmas

these are my nephews. well this was them about ten years ago. this was taken for one of those xmas postcards. except here i just layed the original pic on top of that fabric. because i still have that fabric. i don't know why i thought they were wearing the flannel pajama set i made. but i did "make" their sweatshirts. o.k. i just zig-zagged a rectangle of winter fabric to the front of a purchased sweatshirt. a few times i sewed two different fabrics on the same shirt. let me explain. first sew on a xmas print. then a little bigger sew on a halloween print. after halloween is over. take out the stitches and you have your xmas shirt.

but here's that pajama set i remembered. i made two or three sets that year. and one is still being worn by the littlest in the family. i love this Alexander Henry that i have been introduced to fusible applique and blanket stitching. i probably would go crazy with all the wild patterns they have in the universe. but i think the boys are too old for that now. after these i changed to the pattern i used for ten years+ and can offer some suggestions for first timers.

(-1-) patterns come in all sizes. but once you cut into them you really can't use the other sizes. starting with the largest size. cut it out onto some cotton that has a sturdy quality to it. you just don't want it to fray over time. mark the size on it. then move to another piece of fabric and cut the next size down. then again until you have all sizes.these really are the patterns i have been using all these years. well some are missing in action. my intention was to sew on the numbers. but it just proved unimportant so the pins have been there all this time. the added benefit to these cotton patterns is that it actually sticks to flannel and you don't need to use pins.

(-2-) i only used these specially-hand-made-by-karen labels the first year. next time i skipped it. did i hear it from the Mommies. "you have to put a label so the kids can tell the front from the back". huh. mine are so big i can tell by opening them up and looking at the seams. and "you have to tuck those raw edges under because it's too much trouble to cut them every time they get washed". oh my goodness. do you know how long that's going to take. that's me talking to myself. of course i complied. i knew i was going to be doing this for awhile. and the Mommies had to be happy too.(-3-) if you have a serger and love it. i guess you're going to use it. but flannel is a soft thick fabric. after stitching the seam. i just zig-zag next to that seam. then pink the edges. that's all it really needs.

(-4-) kids grow. but who wants to make pants all the time. i always made them a few sizes bigger so they could wear them for a few years. unlike the rest of us kids look pretty cute with baggy bottoms. but not that cute if the legs are too long. so just hem according to the pattern. then fold the hem under again at least 2-1/2" and stitch the hem again using big zig-zag stitches. as soon as they have a growth spurt the big zig-zag stitches are easy to take out.

(-5-) i never used the insert elastic into casing method for the waistband. the elastic always twists and the gathers always move around. the best method is to sew the elastic directly onto the fabric.

if you have any questions just let me know.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yummy Food and Yummy Yarn

last week we did it again.gathered at Terry's for new recipes. see here and here for my other posts on her Clean Food cookbook. she had really fantastic news but i can't give you any details. so on with the quiet. on with releasing the day. on with the tincha clearing the bad energy. and on with what we really came for. really yummy food.

this time she made Veggie Fries(not pictured), Pan Seared Tofu with Ginger Lime Glaze, Bok Choy Stir Fry, Sesame Forbidden Rice, and Peanut Butter Balls. yummm. yes. this i really wanted to do and needed to do.

i also went to the yarn store with Jessica. right in town is the loveliest shop. website pics do not represent the old time feel of the shop. located on the second floor of the Comstock, Ferre & Co. can also buy your xmas greens there.yummm. yes. but this i really did not want to do until January. it was annoying to walk around all those yummy yarns knowing we were just there to pick out a few needed things. but she treated me to lunch a few doors down at The Spicy Bean Cafe. so i did not grumble too much. they really give you spicy green beans with your order. we took it to-go so we could get back to our needles.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

420 Postage Stamps

last week i received my winner's package from Betsy of Quilting Fiesta. she's been blogging for one year and i was the lucky recipient of her happiness. thank you Betsy.2 mags with the best patterns. 2 xmas panels. Nancy Halverson no less. there's 6 stockings on both panels. very cute Mr. Santa. very cute Mrs. Santa. apologies Betsy. not cutting up. not making stockings. always wanted to make a quilt with a panel in the center. trust me. it's beautiful. i'll show you more of it when i start working on it. 1 cute little bird. and then. i opened up the most amazing package of postage stamps. no Pamela Joy. not those kind of stamps. lots & lots of tiny pieces of fabric. always wanted to do this. see here for a PSQ that Betsy finished. she also loves to work with hexagons and cathedral windows. all are on my would-like-to-do list.

i also received a very nice gift from Melanie of Jelly Bean Angel. thank you Melanie. Melanie has promised to show a beautiful angel every day until xmas. this one is my fav so far. her Daily Decembers are quite an advent calendar if you forgot to buy one this year.i suppose i should share with you some of my xmas sewing. but nothing is finished. so i'll just share what i'm working on today.i also have a few very nice awards.

this one came from Melanie of Jelly Bean Angel.
thank you Melanie. did she forgot she already gave me this one in October. you just can't have too many.this one came from Kathy of Creative Urges.
thank you Kathy. her last post is a beautiful distraction which i also enjoy. she's very lucky to only live 3 minutes from the beach.whatever we are doing right now. it can best be described as busy. so i will not be passing on these awards today. just a reminder that in between the delightful busy-ness of what we are doing. to take a break to rest your thoughts. to rest your hands. and to rest your body.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Scrappy Sunday

Block #22

Friday, December 5, 2008

Three Weekends Before Xmas

i've got three new buckets.(-1-). couldn't decide which tutorial to use. this one or that one. i made that one.; (-2-). i made from the leg of a recycled jean.; and, (-3-). picked up at Target. small bin from the Itso collection. it's big enough to hold all of my coming attractions.i'm getting more of these small bins. i love open storage. i'll get just a few now. then a few more later.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Coming Attractions

our sampler class at my LQS ends soon. starting February 2009 we will be working from Victory Quilts by Eleanor Burns. i'm planning to use solids on a white background. our first block is called Hope of Hartford.i have also signed up for the Thimbleberries Club which starts in January 2009. at sign-up you get a charm pack. i picked the light version. i can picture a famous bear having a quilt made up in these fabrics. i took out the background square and cut the others into 2-1/2 in. squares and sewed them up into a table runner. when they start putting the fabric on the shelves i will choose one to back & bind it.always wanted to participate in a blog BOM. Red Delicious is the one i have chosen. i already have some red fabrics to choose from. if you want to join you should grab Block 1 before Esther replaces it with Block 2. there are 11 blocks. but she may release some small blocks together.and when i saw this pattern i just fell madly in love. Pockets of Posies from Hatched and Patched. it was being offered as a BOM by a quilt shop in England. The Quilt Room. store and blog. Pam & Nicky have a book called Jelly Roll Quilts. and currently have a jelly roll contest. if you're up to a challenge you should read the rules and submit a quilt photo. i just received my first package. and have already completed the little square in square assignment. i will be getting a new package for 10 months. plan to attempt hand applique and hexagons. so i have my work cut out for me.i'm quite disappointed with the quality of my pics. i will attempt to figure out what i am doing wrong and fix it. my camera just must be missing the summer sunlight that comes in from the windows. or perhaps it's that bulb on the other side of the room that i need to replace. will add links later. i have to go now.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Scrappy Sunday

Block #21practice sashing #2good. i like it. but. not quite right. the quilt that inspired me to work on my scrappy blocks is finished and quilted. although i technically did mine a little different. go look at Melly & Me's tutorial. hopefully it will inspire you too.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just In Case

that's right. just in case you would rather make potholders. instead of jumbo coasters. continue reading for very long instructions on making your own I-Don't-Have-Time-To-Make potholders.project 1:
here's what you'll need:
1 piece flannel 10 in. x 10 in.11 in. x 11 in.
1 piece insulated batting 8 in. x 8 in.
(i used Insul-Bright by The Warm Company)
1 piece recycled denim 7 in. x 7 in.
8 in. ric-rac or ribbon folded in half.

sorry. extra step alert. just do it & move on.
mark 2 in. square in center of insulated batting.
you could mark lines in center from top to bottom and left to right.
then mark 2 in. lines 1 in. away from center.
but it's faster to place ruler at 5 in. in bottom left corner.
then mark 2 in. on top edge of ruler and 2 in. on right edge of ruler.
then turn insulated batting around and do it shiny side of insulated batting to wrong side of flannel.
pin securely in place.
zig-zag along marked lines in center of insulated batting.
fold corners of flannel over insulated batting.
as you pull corner of flannel over corner of insulated batting pull a bit of the corner of the insulated batting with you.
this will (1.)create a design feature and (2.)eliminate spaces which do not have batting.
press corners.
fold sides of flannel over all sides and pin just the center of the sides.turn over and press just the center of the sides.
then using your thumb and pushing.
pull remainder of sides over tightly and add more pins.
turn over and press again.
every time you pin and press look for excess fabric.
if you have excess fabric pin again so it's flat.
this will help eliminate any puckering when you sew.oh no. sorry. extra step alert. add ric-rac or ribbon to corner.
then secure with back & forth stitching or bar tacks.
i don't hang my potholders. but it's cute. & it's a gift right.
then center wrong side of recycled denim over exposed batting and pin all layers together.
zig-zag around edges of denim to secure all layers together.
trim threads and you're done.project 2:
here's what you'll need if using cotton:
1 piece cotton 10 in. x 10 in.
1 piece insulated batting 8 in. x 8 in.
1 piece recycled denim 8 in. x 8 in.
8 in. ric-rac or ribbon folded in half.
here's what you'll need if using flannel:
1 piece flannel 8 in. x 8 in.
1 piece insulated batting 7 in. x 7 in.
1 piece recycled denim 8 in. x 8 in.
8 in. ric-rac or ribbon folded in half.

if using cotton:
fold over 1 in. on all sides of cotton.
place shiny side of insulated batting to wrong side of cotton
insert insulated batting under folded edges of cotton.
place wrong side of recycled denim to exposed batting.
mark chark lines down center top to bottom and left to right.
mark chark lines 1-1/2 in. from all edges.
if using flannel:
place shiny side of insulated batting to wrong side of flannel.
place wrong side of recycled denim to exposed batting.
mark chark lines down center top to bottom and left to right.
mark chark lines 1-1/2 in. from all edges.if using cotton or flannel:
sew along all marked lines.
if using pinking shears lock your stitch 1/4 in. from edge so they don't get cut.
sew along all edges.
if using pinking shears be careful not to cut off ribbon.trim threads and you're done.
unless you have time to throw in washer and dryer.did you see those cute butterfly pins. present from Jessica. thanks Jessica. this project works best with a strong pin. butterfly pins are Dritz. yellow flower pins are Clover. it can be annoying to match your thread to your project especially when there are different fabrics. there's no time to keep changing colors. i find that Gutermann Col. 505 works well on all colors even white. & i love this chalk filled marking pen from Clover. my silver color chalk one is my fav. the blue color chalk seems to linger. as soon as i find my silver one i am going to give my blue one to more thing. i don't usually make potholders. & have never used insulated batting. so next week i will test them out. see if they really protect your fingers. & i'll give them a good wash & dry to see what happens. so stay tuned for the results.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Four Weekends Before Xmas

i hear this alot. i don't have any time. i don't have any money. what am i going to do. well here's a little project that might help.project 1:
I-Don't-Have-Time-To-Make coasters.
here's what you'll need:
1 piece flannel 8 in. x 8 in.9 in. x 9 in.
1 piece fusible batting 6 in. x 6 in.
1 piece recycled denim 5 in. x 5 fusible batting on top of wrong side of flannel and press.
fold corners of flannel over fusible batting and press.
fold sides of flannel over all sides and press.
if using flannel you will need to pin in place.
if using cotton the iron may crease fabric enough to not need pins.
center recycled denim over exposed batting and pin all layers together.
zig-zag around edges of denim to secure all layers together.
trim threads and you're done.project 2:
You're-Not-Listening-To-Me-I-Said-I-Don't-Have-Any-Time-To-Make coasters.
here's what you'll need:
1 piece flannel 6 in. x 6 in.
1 piece batting 4 in. x 4 in.
1 piece recycled denim 6 in. x 6 batting on top of wrong side of flannel.
place wrong side of recycled denim on top of wrong side of flannel with batting.
mark lines thru center up & down and left & right.
mark lines on all sides 1 in. from edge.
zig-zag on all marked lines.
zig-zag around all outside edges.
cut all outside edges using pinking shears.
trim threads and you're done.
well unless you have time to throw in washer and dryer.
all denim frays differently. so results may vary.i told you yesterday that Melanie sent me an older patchwork magazine. these were inspired by a quick-to-make scented sachet in that magazine that measured 4 in. x 4 in. an herbal package was inserted between layers. my jumbo coasters measure 6 in. x 6 in. they're reversible. & if they were made bigger and with more batting they would make great potholders. oooh. I-Don't-Have-Time-To-Make potholders. or do i?