Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Puppy Pillow

this is Princess. not so happy.
well i can't blame her. when i visited her.
i just swooped her up and gently placed her inside.
and if you know a chihuahua.
then you are familiar with how they are.
like how they decide when and if they will do something.
i can assure you that the next day i found her resting
comfortably inside and enjoying her new spot. looking very happy.

i used this pattern found in Little Sallie Tomato's Etsy shop.
Princess is about 15 lbs. and i made a Small.
i had been wanting to make something like this for a long time.
i had been wanting to design something like this for a long time.
luckily i stumbled upon this.
because my design never got further than looking like a pillowcase.
i did a few things different but would not call them modifications.
but they did create extra bulk which had to be included in the seam.
i don't like fleece or fleece projects.
but it can be squished when sewn and not look like it had been squished.
so what did i do?
cut the top piece so there would be a fold in front instead of a single layer.
made an envelope opening so i could remove the inside.
placed a towel inside instead of stuffing.
you may not want to do this if using it on the floor.
but as you can see. it's for the sofa!

i would recommend this pattern.
it was well written with clear instructions
if you make a Puppy Pillow be sure to let me know.

and since i used up some old fabric.
i am counting this as a QuiltYourStash2016 finished project.