Friday, May 15, 2015


so i haven't posted my first block yet.
because i really don't like it.
and will most definitely make another one.

nothing wrong with it.
just small amounts of the 12 i bought to start with.
and when i bring in other fabrics i may weed some of these out.

have you see this Hello Bear print with scattered dots.
i saw Film in the Fridge use this in her most recent quilt.
so you might say i had help in deciding on that one.
and in Lori's post for week three i spotted it in her mixing bowl potholder.
i will probably want to use this as a background again.
but i have only purchased enough for this project.
silly me.
please don't buy it all before i get around to wanting more.

because i am a little behind at the start.
and because i have already picked my inner border.
i have gone ahead with the prepping of my teenie-tiny flying geese.

i am using ruler one in the QIAD mini geese ruler set.
the initial cut and sew with this method is much easier for me.

you need to have Lori's newest book called Farm Girl Vintage.
and all of the details for this sew along can be found on her blog.