Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yellow Challenge

reading Freda's Hive took me to the challenge posted by Cottage Magpie and all the yellow stuff i use & adore popped to the surface. while doing my errands this morning the colors were almost distracting. sunshine, painted houses, tops of fire hydrants, stop ahead signs, billboards, dandelions, ...

o.k. so pic #1 in the kitchen is very much staged but i got everything lemon juice, winnie the pooh tall mug from nephews before niece was born, honeysuckle mrs. meyers dish soap that i use sparingly because it's not always available (i bought for mother's day last year), my 3 favorite nice things baby mugs i drink my tea in every night, the bakery bag my olive ciabatta came in, my Tupp strainer, very bright plastic bags that carried sandwiches & frozen matza ball soup home in, bananas of course, old ceramic baking dish i cook my salmon in, butter with yellow sea salted banner on it, my almost yellow lunch from Whole Foods (cranberry walnut couscous & curried broccoli cauliflower on leafy greens in their new bio-something containers), my collection of organically grown bands that i use for securing opened packages or my hair when i can't find the ones i am supposed to use - why do we always loose them), my ceramic kitchen knife i bought from Williams-S that is very sharp & has a beautiful yellow cover which i cannot find right now, a small collection of yellow stripe paperclips, my tiny doll plate with dots on them, and all on top of a cheerful towel with yellow accents that i use on my counter so i don't have to wipe it down all the time.

pic #2 in the living area as promised. it was very messy in there & i had to stage things carefully so that you do not see the very important and yellow Kodak EasyShare software on the computer screen, my hardcover edition of The Secret Life of Bees, an old Marimekko binder book, an empty box of Window Sillies that i store stuff in, an old Scandanavian tin box, my favorite zipper bag, an old Xmas photo from the 70's in which our walls, my brother's hair, sis's nightgown, & my slippers are yellow, large ball of hand-dyed yarn, a cotton scarf that i knitted & mostly wear this time of year when it's warm & windy, storage box with baby animals on it, stash fabric with baby fairies on it that i can't bear to make anything out of, and surprisingly yesterday i bought new fabric with bees on it from the Susan Branch line that everyone should go out and buy.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, it that 70s Christmas picture (of Dad, me and you) yours or mine??