Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scrappy Sunday

i'm having scrapper's block. for the last few weeks i start to put a block together and i just don't like it. so tonight i did some playing. these are four scrap strips sewn to green squares.see last pic here. Kathy of Material Obsession calls it her Green Scrap Eater. but it has been worked up in other colors. love the "anything goes". love the "no matching points". love that it might just "eat up my scraps".


Kathie said...

ah yes a scrappy coin quilt done with liberated quilt making
nothing better! Don't you wish that quilt shop was right here in Conn/NJ?
I do!
I am always in awe of their work!

Stephanie said...

I love that green. I haven't stepped outside of the box yet to attempt no matching points! I always love the resuls.

Anonymous said...

Nice idea. I'm sure if you don't force it a new block will occur to you. Good luck scrap munching.

Shari said...

These blocks are looking good. I like the possibilities. This has real scrap/stash busting potential.