Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Scrappy Sunday

if you wait for someone to come in the middle of the night and cut your thrifted clothing into pieces so that you can eventually make some kind of quilt you will probably be waiting a long time. i not only wished it once i wished it a million times.since i have no interest in spending valuable time on a new project but i do have an interest in making some kind of progress on transforming thrifted as well as personal clothing into a finished project i will again be using that one-block-at-a-time inspiration came from this summer quilt made by Dawn's Great Grandmother. and who could forget the tumbler quilt made by Ulla. i like that these patterns can handle those scrappy bits that don't seem to go together.even from these small pieces i was able to cut quite a few squares and tumblers. i also saved strips just in case. but honestly i had to throw the rest away.

i don't miss any of the thrown away bits from my thrifted quilt.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Really Karen, this speaks to the history of American Quilts. Fabric taken from clothing, drapes and feedsacks. In some ways it is exciting to see thrifing come back in style. I was looking at a woman's blouse last night and thinking - I would love to cut fabric out of it. I am not to the point of taking something off someone's back - yet ;-)

Shari said...

This is such a cool idea. But for a lot of quilters with a big stash, it begs the question of why cut up clothing when you already have enough fabric for hundreds of quilts? Hmmm... maybe a post is in order to see what others think.

Hugs - Shari

Dawn said...

I love it! Such memories are attached to quilts made from old clothes. Enjoy!
~ Dawn

Eileen said...

Like Nanette says.. this is the history of quilting. I do love the block you showed there.. wonderful contrasts.
I just read a blog on how to make T-shirt yarn.. I think I'm going to try it. Lots of thrifted clothing in my house that needs used up too.