Monday, June 15, 2009

Scrappy Sunday

i made a Block #34 yesterday using my last middle least i thought it was my last. turns out it was that square i found in my stash a few weeks ago. but oops. i didn't check the size before i started sewing. it was 1/2 in too big. couldn't figure out why my pre-cut-just-a-bit-bigger-than-9-1/2 in.-strip-last-to-sew-on was too small. the whole time i was thinking i am going to miss this block. and that i should just make it again. and what would i do different. i was also working on my Fala today i will re-sew my scrappy block. and finish up the handwork on Fala.


Stephanie said...

I've enjoyed your scrappy blocks! Oh your Fala quilt is too cute. I must be late to the game on this one. Is Fala the name of your dog?

Rumi said...

Oh, puppy love! Too cute!

We've all made that same "picked up the wrong piece" mistake. Kick myself every time I do.

belinda said...

...scrappy....scrappy...we love scrappy!!! The little Fala is
w-a-y cute!!! You're in my group for Jane's swap....are you thinkin' about it yet???

Anonymous said...

Ooo you are nearly at the end of your scrappy ones! Just a re-sew to go.

Love the dogs. :-)

dj said...

I was too late to get into the Halloween Spooktacular swap. I have an old Halloween round robin that needs some filler blocks. Would you like to make an extra one for me in exchange for a block from me? I'm not interested in the 9 patch -- only the theme block.

I can be reached at My blog is at

Deana (dj)

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Fantastic blocks !! Would like to see once art work is done..Great..Unseen Rajasthan

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Scrappy so speaks to me. Your fabrics are marvelous. Cute cute scotties.

Beth said...

oh, i love you little scrappy blocks!