Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tornado in Connecticut

that's right. last Friday. NWS reported "a tornado that knocked out power and downed trees lasted three minutes, traveled 1.7 miles, and packed winds between 80 and 90 mph". Jessica lost two windows with rain gushing in sideways across the room. Linda lost one large tree limb that landed and blocked road in front of their house involving wires. and a tree at Anna's almost landed on their car. they all live so very close to where the tornado came down. trees broken like toothpicks.we all knew the weather was going to be rough. but we had gotten used to the constant changes. Jessica came home from settling in at the beach to work one more day. my BIL rode his motorcycle home when he saw the darkening sky only to get soaked when he had to go around the block when he could not get into driveway the way he had come. my plan was to go to beach the next day. it had rained Friday morning but i had decided to go to park and take pics. it had rained so much in June and i was worried about the condition of the roses. well worried that there may not be any rose petals left to take a pic of. so raindrops have been included.i live in the city and even though i heard about it on t.v. Saturday morning i traveled through Hartford and then did the zig-zag through Wethersfield trying to get to post office before i jumped on the highway on my way to the beach. of course i knew but forgot the last road i use to cross town was where the badly damaged house was. that road was blocked. but i saw enormous tree roots that had been lifted out of the ground. and almost every house was busy making piles of broken branches that lined the sidewalks one after the other. the local paper posted a video and photos. and Flickr.

then i had a few days of summer fun. an assortment of water toys. the water in Connecticut in June is freezing. after some screaming you get used to it. it never really gets that warm.and while i was finishing up a birthday present for my niece.OMG. my friend Melanie had already mailed me a beachy present. here's a peek at what i got.i'm going to squeeze one more day at the beach tomorrow. although it's probably going to rain.
this is a video i shot Friday morning in the park.


Kathie said...

glad you enjoyed the weather when you could.
Wow a tornado in Conn hard to believe.
glad to hear everyone is safe and not too much damage

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh Karen that water makes me jealous. Hasn't the weather been freaky? At least it has been here. Wettest June on record and we had a freak thunderstorm last night with flash floods. So much rain for Utah. Weird. I hate when trees get ruined.

Lindsey said...

love that little birdie in the park!

Shari said...

What an eventful few days you've had!! Love the roses - just perfect. Enjoy summer while you can!

Eileen said...

Oh wow. I hope nobody was hurt. SCARY. But what a contrast in the park.. so beautiful. Love the roses and the finch (?) singing on the arbor.
The water never really gets warm.. our blood just cools down. ;-)

LOVELY present from that sweet Melanie. :-)

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ooo what a scarey time. Glad you were safe. We had a thunder storm while I was camping last week, so nothing compared to your tornado. Glad you liked the beach bag. Will send the 2nd parcel when I get back.