Thursday, December 31, 2009


got crushed walnuts for the inside. and this gorgeous hand-dyed wool for the backing. but in case i happen to fall asleep before the clock strikes tonight. or switch to my knitting. yep. knitting. and then falling asleep. sounds like a lovely way to end the year.Chelsea Boutique by Blackbird Design for Moda. i found 3 charm packs that i've had for-ever. and a few days ago i washed them. yep. after spending all of 2009 agonizing about whether i should not wash fabrics before using. i have decided to go back to washing everything. even charm packs. been missing my ritual of dumping it in the washer and waiting for the dryer to give me back my fabric just the way i like it.


Jackie said...

Great little tuffets! Crushed walnut shells are the best. Happy New Year!

Corrie said...

Karen, they really look great! Crushed walnuts are squishy, I like that. I'm just waiting for midnight too. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

They look really great Karen. I got the binding done on Folklore on time and the French Roses are all hand sewn too. It's good to start with no UFOs hanging on- a real clean slate.

PS None of us choked on the grapes. LOL.

Tine said...

Mmmmm...I like that!
I am trying to decide too, if I should stop washing fabric before I sew....but I think I will learn from your experience, and stick to washing!
Happy New Year Karen. I wish you a blessed 2010