Sunday, June 6, 2010

next 8 rows knit by me.

after this i gave to Anna. when she was younger at the end of every day in Italy the women used to gather together and just knit. they probably did other crafty stuff. but she was always with them and watching them doing their thing. everytime i visit she has another beautiful-well-worn-tablecloth-from-the-old-country. i love all of them. but i also just want to cut them up and make a giant-patchwork-table-dressing.

then she gave to Tanya. this is Anna's daughter. who just had a baby. well i think he's five months old. Tanya hasn't knitted since being little when her grandmother taught her. but she agreed to do this project and has literally caught the knitting bug. her next project is practically on the needles. but there's a baby shower next weekend. so patience is being tested right now.

then i managed to take a week to get to the three-needle-bind-off. but now it goes back to Linda to make the pom-poms. why Linda. well i must have watched her make hundreds of them using cardboard circles. can you believe ump-teen-many-years-later she asked me for a pom-pom-maker! geeesh! so everything is on schedule. next time this week it will be all-wrapped-up-and-ready-to-give! and oooh-oooh. i bought the cutest card. show ya later.


Anonymous said...

Hia Karen, it's looking good. I hope to see the finished article complete with pom pom. :-)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I love the knitting. The colors are lovely together.