Sunday, June 20, 2010

XXXI thru XXXIV or.... XVI thru XX

please visit other participants listed here.Lockwood visits Heathcliff to say he won't be staying. a courteous visit that ends with a walk to the door. fast-much-forward Lockwood comes back to settle his bill. arriving unannounced finds Nelly no longer at the Grange. so he skips over to the Heights. Nelly replaced the gotta-go-Zilah. that's when we and Lockwood find out that Heathcliff is dead. and so Nelly continues with her story. which starts while Heathcliff is still alive. he prefers to be alone. won't eat. won't sleep. refusing to see Kenneth. the doctor. breathing heavy. wants to write his will. concerned about his burial. seems like he knows death is near. and it is. a bond eventually forms between Catherine and Hareton. and soon Nelly will get her wish to live happily ever after. with Catherine and Hareton of course.

thank you Jill for hosting. i'm doing the happy-dance and overjoyed to claim the accomplishment. no more re-reading for me. this is not-my-thing like it is for Jill and her friends. but i plan to join her next adventure. starting July 10th is The Brothers Karamazov. even if you don't want to read this. i encourage you to read a book on your-some-day-list.


Anonymous said...

Well done Karen. To me the book really came alive when I saw the Yorkshire Moors for the 1st time. It's such a wild and rugged landscape that it's easy to picture the character of Heathcliffe getting away with such awful behaviour as there is no one around to stand up to him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining us!!