Saturday, August 14, 2010


i often browse the acrylic section to look at the offered yarns. i really don't like acrylic. i just want to be part of the tradition. a bit like that someone who makes so many blankets that everyone they know has one. me got some of those. my favorite is this brown ripple.i really don't mind the pilling. on my old blankets that is. because i respect the tradition. and i know that's what happens. just don't want it to happen to-my-work. but today i touched this especially soft yarn. and it promised not to pill. so i took some home. and i made a guage. so there you go. i'm making an acrylic blanket. go figure. no rushing here. because gosh darn it. with all the free patterns out there. i have my eye on one that i actually have to pay for. the U.S. Open starts August 30th. so hopefully i'll be busy knitting this while i watch tennis. and hopefully i won't have to be knitting with the air conditioner on. i don't ask for much. how about you. have you been gifted one of these blankets?


Rumi said...

I'm no fan of acrylic but I do buy it for certain projects--some things need to be washer/dryer friendly. I save the yummy yarns for myself and for people who I know will care properly for the items I took hours and hours to knit for them.

CindyK said...

Where did you find this yarn? I have searched high and low and cannot find it. I thought this might be nice for the prayer shawls I knit.

Anonymous said...

Whaaat!! Are you feeling ok, never thought I would see you using Acrylic!!!! Boy I better get me some of this it must be good.