Friday, August 27, 2010

Wavy Wiper - DIY Bundle

it's time to put a deadline on the DIY bundle. if you remember i told you here. if you have made a wavy wiper using my pattern. just print out a copy onto back-to-school-paper. and send to me by regular mail. if you haven't done so yet. you still have time. pop it in the mail to me by Monday. and i will pick who gets to receive a whole box of goodies. enough goodies to make lots and lots of wipers.but for now i made 3 of these bundles.
one is for a birthday present.
one is hanging out in my shop.
one is for someone who leaves a comment here.
so you really don't have to knit to win.
the picking for the knitted bundle will happen on Tuesdayis over.

the picking for the DIY bundle will happen next Saturday.
or when i am sure all mailed entries are received. is over.


Anonymous said...

Ooo missed all those goings on. Good luck to everyone. Karen's parcels are lovely.

Cindy said...

I was itchin to make a "wavy wiper" the other day, but realized my cotton stash was empty :( So Off to town i go for some cotton and beleive it or not, the local shop that carries yarn is selling out, and had no cottons either. Looks like I will have to go to the big city for my cottons. Can't wait to try out your awesome pattern!! Thanks for sharing...

PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

I would love to win some wavy wipers. They are too cute. I should just get out my cotton and knit me up some but winning is more fun. Thanks for the chance.

Gari said...

I missed when you posted the pattern but I've got it now. I also have one of your scrubbies(sp?). Did you knit in strips of crinoline?

Anonymous said...

The Wavy Wipers pattern in on my design wall patiently waiting for me. I need to make a trip to the big city for yarn.....will have to plan a daytrip over the Labor Day weekend. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You have created a wavy wiper explosion! cool