Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stitches East 2010

i remember not going last year. and that might have happened again. but i volunteered to unpack boxes for my LYS a few days before it opened. and got this handy-dandy-badge with my name on it. Barbara and Richard are the owners of Sit 'n Knit. and their booth included a large selection of Opal sock yarn. and the cutest dolls and clothes that you knit from from AK Traditions. in the past you had to order from Australia. now if you are interested you can just contact Barbara. here's what i got from other vendors. from Ruhama's the Santa Monica Wrap pattern which uses Kauni Effektgarn. a very cool yarn that i would like to work with soon. i got to meet these guys on unpacking night. their booth drew you in and kept you there. from Carol of Sunday Knits the Sunday Scarf pattern and red merino called Eden. her designs are simply beautiful. then i met the lovely Allison of The Knit Princess. Allison wrote a comic-book and was actually wearing a tiara. her Vol. 1 includes a pattern for a beanie-hat-with-knitted-on-tiara. which i want to make. my last purchase was from Mercedes from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks. i liked everything. her colors and her patterns. i wanted a yarn that would resemble a tiara and we decided on a grey fingering merino called Dexter. she also spins her work with small amounts of silver that really catch the light. Stitches East 2010 was held in the CT Convention Center. and i will probably go again next year.

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Mercedes said...

So glad you like the yarn! It was nice to meet you.