Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Love A Good Cloth

this is Vito. Nora's cousin.
do i need to tell you how much we love him.
i didn't think so.
Baby Bib O'Love from the Mason-Dixon Knitting books.
Rowan denim 100% cotton.
Belle Buttons by Dritz. 11/16 in. made of coconut.
this yarn shrinks and eventually is supposed to fade like denim.
i made 4. and they are so cute i just wanna make more.


Rumi said...

Cute bibs--but not as cute as Vito!

Des said...

How cool are those??!! almost as cool as his name! Wish I knitted!

Lynn said...

What a cutie-pie! Love the bibs!

Anonymous said...

I've used a denim yarn by Sherdar I think it was when son was little. His cardi kept its shape well and laundered well without shedding colour on the rest of his clothes in the wash. It was cotton so suitable in Summer too.