Wednesday, May 1, 2013

AYOS / Hat Trick

2 charm packs of The Boo Crew by Moda for Sweetwater.
binding plus 2 charms of black gingham by Riley Blake Designs.

i haven't finished a Schnibbles in a very long time. so a few issues came up. i almost got 3 charm packs. because i am a bit controlling in the fabric selection. if i had more light green charms would have added another row of squares to other side. almost used gingham as the inner border. thought it was too much. of course it would have been fine. decided not to include it. simple finishing. flannel backing. and some ties.


Carrie said...

I think I'm going to need some of this fabric - your quilt is SO cute! I'm in love. :)

Don't laugh but sometimes the hardest thing for me to do with the Schnibbles quilts is NOT add anything to the two charm packs. I want to control the fabric selection too... but I can't. Well, I could... but I would definitely hear about it from someone who bought the same two charm packs and didn't get the same results. ;)

shannon said...

I really need to start saving selvedges, or how ever you spell them. Every time I see something made out of them I love it. Right! its on my to do list!