Monday, February 3, 2014

Everyday Cardigan KAL

it's been ages since a sweater came off my needles.
usually i make something and then blog about it.
but i'd like to do this as i go. hello issues and modifications.
hopefully. i will end up with a sweater i can wear. so here goes.

things completed so far.
purchase pdf file of pattern only.
looked through stash because yarn you buy is yarn you like.
i certainly don't have enough to make a sweater.
Spud & Chloe in Sweater in Watermelon.
(50% organic cotton / 50% merino wool).
Juniper Moon Farms in Sabine in Limeade.
(30% royal llama / 30% merino wool / 40% cotton).
Brooklyn Tweed in Shelter in Hayloft.

make a gauge. mine is awfully messy.
pick yarn.
going with Spud & Chloe Sweater.
it's not a winter-wooly yarn. feels perfect for Spring.
Sabine is soft and gorgeous.
Shelter is rustic and interesting.
i actually like all the yarns together.
but admit i have a problem with focusing on the task at hand.
i have used this yarn with #7 and #8 needles.
but a nice firm guage was achieved with #6 needles.

cast on.
well make sure you have circular needles to match your gauge.
i had to make an emergency run to the store.
10 rows done. and i have already made a few changes
that's right. the nerve of me.
modifications in the first 10 rows.

edited see 2/14 post.
i swapped out 4 rows of seed stitch for 6 rows of rib.
and i swapped out 6 rows of stockinette for 4 rows of stockinette.
and i added 2 stitches to each band.
i think i will make only slightly shorter arms.
and swap out the rib for seed stitch at the cuff.
and well why not just swap out the rib for seed stitch at the hem.
anything else Karen.
well i'm either buying more and finishing it up.
with the Watermelon color.
or dipping into my leftovers to make it stripey.
will decide after i finish the yoke.
i picked up 2 circular needles because i really want to make both.
and on the next perhaps i won't make any modifications.

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Annemariesquilt said...

You are doing well Karen, good luck..

Lisa Clarke said...

I'm really interested to see how your modifications work out! I thought about doing ribbing at the collar, too, but in the end, I went with the seed stitch so it ties in nicely with the button band. Still, I'm curious!