Monday, March 21, 2011


i started a KAL with Firefly on her I Live On A Farm blog.
she promises the pace will be s-l-o-w.
and has named it Summer in the Country Blanket.
i picked T'ika. by Mirasol. 100% pima cotton. very very soft.
of course there are issues with my choice i am overlooking right now.
hand wash. more of a DK thank a worsted. using #9 instead of #10.
and pretty sure that i will need to get more yarn than suggested.
because i think a DK row height is smaller than a worsted row height.


Sue said...

Hi Karen, just found you through the KAL! Nice to meet you. Your bio sounds like my kinda gal! Very pretty color! I casted on, now just need to start!

firefly said...

Beautiful photo, and I like the color you chose for your blanket too!

Rumi said...

Part of me really wants to join in on this KAL but practical me is saying "whoa! You have too much going on to start something else" Sigh...