Saturday, April 26, 2008

and the 1st Giveaway Winner is....

oh the burden it must be to manage hundreds of comments. so new to blogging i feel lucky to have so few. only 6 names to write down on the paper. only 6 numbers to cut into little squares and place in a bowl.

o.k. Ryan Seacrest get on with it.
the winner is............sbonetsue............& she/he will have to reveal themselves....otherwise where will i send their prize.

i wonder....will i have more comments....for the 2nd drawing on 4/30....or the 3rd drawing on 5/4....or is this all there is.

1 comment:

sbonetsue said...

Hi - I'm so excited to be your winner. I am new to the world of blogging and I couldn't find your email. My email address is sbonetsue at yahoo dot com. If you email me I'll be able to tell your where I live, and I will have your email address.

Thank you for making my day.