Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sew Baby Girl

my niece's teacher's wife had a baby boy recently and she wanted to knit him a blanket. i convinced her that sewing one would be quicker. she did everything. shopping - measuring - cutting - pinning - sewing - turning inside out - poking out the corners - pinning the edges - ironing the edges - marking where the quilting dots would be - sewing the quilting dots - the enjoyment of no hands needed. she programmed the TO FROM YEAR and ran it along the edge where i hand sewed the opening. she was very excited and i was very proud.

another project from LMP+QG. pg. 42. in the 2-4 hour section.


Corrie said...

I love to kids sewing. Awesome. Good for her! Cute.

Des said...

Great minds think alike! I came here to comment and there is CORRIE! I love kids sewing, too! She's adorable. We need more quilters/sewers in the world. Wait, that looks like we need more sewers, (like where rats live) but no, we need more PEOPLE WHO SEW! Hey, and sign me up for that cute bag!