Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two Cute & A Whole Litter Of Cute

i'll be here today. Messie Jessie's dining room. her two Tinkerbells came back from the quilter. & that can only mean one thing. it's time to sew on binding. this will forever be her first quilt. & that first quilt has a twin.she chose a lightly quilted design with butterflies.yesterday was beautiful. one of those warm autumn days you dream of. so when Jess ran to help a neighbor i ran with her. mostly to be outside. but how many times in your life do you get to meet puppies. not just any puppies. St. Bernard puppies. a young couple came to pick just one puppy to take home. how could they decide. they were all too cute. except when attacking me & chewing on my shoes. i managed to capture these five all face forward.i requested these six line up in front of garage for group pic.none of these seven were listening to me.i count eight here not including Jess. first nine then eight now seven. not that i would. but this was my fav. i kept referring to her as the beauty with spots on her nose. just look at those paws.
the Dad Bison was looking on. their Mom Rosie for obvious reasons was not participating.i was supposed to go straight home & finish my cottage blocks. so they would be ready to mail today. but stopped at Starbucks on my way home. stayed to chit-chat with my aunt who lives nearby. until dark. so i'll be mailing them tomorrow instead two days later. it was rush hour but you can see how beautiful the view is from the patio.today it's raining.


quilterpolly said...

I love those puppies. They are so cute:) I don't know if I could let them go away. I love the quilts that your daughter made:) Glad I'm not alone in getting my cottages out yet:)

Des said...

Binding....my favorite part!!! Teach her well. Remember, it's all about the movie you're watching. :) cute pups!!!

Tine said...

The tinkerbell-quilts are looking wonderful... The quilting is gorgeous :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi karen, I'm catching up as I killed my computer and hubby had to rebuild it.

What a beautiful and those puppies are gorgeous. I grew up with the breed (as well as any animal my father brought home in need). I love the full belly on the one you held- so so sweet and puppies have their own special smell. :-)

Lovely looking quilts- Tinkerbell with butterfly wing quilting- how appropriate.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

They are sooo so incredibly cute!

Messy Karen said...

for the record. lovely Jess not my daughter. her husband & my sister's husband are brothers. & gorgeous ring & beautiful pink fingernails definitely do not belong to me. i don't bite my nails anymore. but... better that i not say anymore.

Anonymous said...

What awesome pictures, I have to show the puppies mom she will love them. makes me want to go play with those puppies right now.
just so everyone knows I could'nt have dreamed of making these quilts without your help, pushing and constant guidance. You are a wonder and we are so lucky to have you and all your talents in our family. Love You and Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Messie Jessie