Friday, October 3, 2008

Cottage Fever

it's contagious. even Messie Jessie wanted to make one.did she really make two. no. just kidding. she only made one.i think it's gorgeous and so does her daughter.she also finished her summer quilt top. but was daydreaming about making more cottages. enough to make a quilt. what else is she gonna do while she waits for her Tinkerbells to come back from the quilter. that's right. breaking news. two daughters will soon get to snuggle under Mommy's quilts. it's about time. chilly. especially at nightime. it's chilly.

and what's Karen been up to. well i started quilting my secret project. Melanie's latest peek sure surprised me. hope that i am surprising her. i see signs that we both adding our own special touches. that's very cool.


Eileen said...

Very clever how she made the window panes. Didn't even have to sew on ric rac.

I am going nuts with these sneak peeks of yours and Melanie's!

Anonymous said...

Oooo coloured threads! It looks exciting!

What a jolly cottage from Messy Jessie- Santa on the roof! :-)

Pamela Joy said...

maybe we'll have to fire up the machine when ya visit - you'all continue to amaze me w/your projects . . . & your models are always so cute!