Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Moment Of Silence

stay in your seat while i roll the credits in order of appearance:

patchwork book from Japan ISBN4-8347-2371-2, thrift shop clothing, white DMC cotton thread, cotton batting, backing fabric from stash, Clover silver chalk marking pen, black DMC perle 8, Fons & Porter needles for "big-stitch" utility quilting, comes with mini gripper which you will need, tutorial for making a label, exquisite furniture and location courtesy of lovely upstairs neighbor with immaculate & tidy apartment.


Ulla said...

Congratulations on finishing your challenge quilt! I especially like the hand quilting. Don't forget to send a picture to the Flickr group as well.

Anonymous said...

Well done for finishing the quilt. What a good choice of fabrics too. Fruit and flowers. Wonderful!

Pamela Joy said...

love the daisy print! can't wait to see the other squares all put together - p.s. - are ya going to sell your quilts on Etsy along w/your lovely bags? love your neighbor's hutch too! ;O)

Eileen said...

..but there is the loud sound of applause!
I am posting an update today.. I can't wait to add this one.. that you are finished. GORGEOUS!