Monday, May 18, 2009

A Little Stitching

for my Christmas In July swap i decided to do a little stitching. not too much.last week at the beach i spent time reviewing the instructions. when else would i have time to do was a gorgeous day. i never stitched a gift. so i am practicing on this pretty Shabby Roses BOM from might recognize the fabric i am using. the background is linen from an old dress that belonged to my sister.i also picked Aviary fabric and soon realized choosing a neutral thread for applique would have caused the words and flowers to stand out. so i might try this one again. just to see the difference.i used a Mark-B-Gone pen and to my amazement the blue lines washed out. my tracing wasn't that accurate and the fabric kept moving around. so i would like to try transfer pencils. do you have a tried-and-true method for transferring? or a stitchery fabric that you like?


Stephanie said...

Beautiful and that's a first try at stitching??? Wow. I did stitchery many years ago then gave away all my threads and patterns. All this loveliness makes me want to get back at it. I used to use the blue mark be gone pen. I'm sure there are now lots of great new marking tools and methods.

Anonymous said...

Hia Karen well done for being adventurous. :-) It's come out lovely.

I have a blue pen but it doesn't last long. A more experienced sewer said if the design was going to be stitched over then use one of those very fine push up pencils -more economical. Masking tape is good for stopping the slipping. I can also recommend Ikea's desk top with a built in light box.

I hope you are having as much fun with your CIJ swap making as I have.