Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Potholder Pass 2

these are the potholders i received from pastorkatiebishop. i like them alot. the fabrics are bright and cheery. love the decorative stitching. also got a very useful notepad. thank you so much Katie.my last potholders were machine-quilted a bit too much. so this time i hand-quilted. the front and back were done separately. i do love the look and feel of hand-stitching.to reduce the bulkiness i didn't like last time. i used one layer of insul-batting and one layer of reg-batting. and cut the back bigger so that i could also use it to bind. from scraps i included one of my Easie-Peasie Project Bags. Potholder Pass 3 starts soon.


Fiesta said...

I love these potholders. They are cute as can be.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Love your pot holders and the stitching! They are great. I like the idea of heat proof batting plus extra. I made 2 over the weekend for quilt market to go with the line of fabric I'm making projects for (not my line, but one I'm promoting for RJR) I wish it was my line! Anyway pot holders are fun, mini quilts really.