Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Summer Sky

while my five knitters are getting nervous. three of us on Friday will be picking colors. some decisions will be made by what the shop has in stock and whether we really want to order any online. so i am not sure what will happen. i like to be the chooser. but will listen listen listen. while that is going on i picked another yarn for just me me me. so don't get confused. there will be two blankets.first up (for me) is square #3. using Some Summer Sky. aka blue. it was 92 degrees here yesterday. my niece reminded me that it is not yet Summmer. but Spring. matching nailpolish just a coincidence.


Kathie said...

pretty blue!!!!
oh its too hot right now!
hopefully this will break today, your right though good knitting weather

Jackie said...

Even the fingernails match the sky!! Didn't we have a glorious day yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Lovely blue! I am so enjoying having a blue sky on the days we get it. So cheerful!