Saturday, February 19, 2011

Single Girl : marking, cutting.

marking, cutting, (& a bit of piecing). i decided on the twin. so i need 12 blocks. to avoid each ring being identical. i did some coloring and made 5 different combinations. i am cutting 3 of each template times the 5 combinations. so i will end up with 15 blocks. in order to avoid the 31-baggie-thing. i decided to work in rings. each block has 4 rings. so i will only use 4 baggies. here there are. with a bit of piecing. it never hurts to get the next step ready. next step is 2/21 - Megan's blog - Lucy and Norman - piecing rings.


Juliann said...

Love your subtle fabrics. I would love to make this one but I really need to regroup on my crafting life. enjoy!

Houseelf said...

Good luck I've not tried making rings before so I'd love to see how you get on.

Thank you for your kind words.