Sunday, February 13, 2011

Single Girl : pattern, templates, fabric.

getting ready, making templates. they look so pretty before they get washed. would you believe that i always say goodbye to that lovely-new-fabric-sheen when i dump it in the washing machine. and i am always satisfied after it gets done. i used 2 heavyweight template sheets for the rings. i will need another for the curved pieces. i was pleased that with a little pressure the rotary cutter cut them on the straight edges. and scissors on the curved ones. although the pattern recommends 31-36. i will only be using these 5 fabrics. yet i am also thinking i might like to try a scrappy-charm-Single-Girl one day. next step is 2/14 - Katy's blog - i'm a ginger monkey - marking, cutting.


Loralynn said...

I absolutely adore your fabric! Just my style!

Corrie said...

That will be so pretty. I've never seen that print in green. Glad you found the blue. Now I'll have to hoard more of my pink/white/yellow ones. Have fun.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I'm sad I have to sit this one out. I'm seeing what everyone is doing for the single girl quilt and I want to make it. Maybe later.