Friday, November 21, 2008

Five Weekends Before Xmas

look what i made instead of working on my xmas projects. because there's plenty of time. right?here's what you need to make your own Take-Your-Quilt-With-You scarf. 1/4 yard of plain flannel for backing. 21 assorted 2-1/2" flannel strips sewn together. (i repeated 9 fabrics and randomly used 3 others). some batting. running stitches. cotton binding that frames the scrappiness to your liking.

all of this was from my stash. but imagine what you could do if you went shopping. i'm not jealous. i'm not jealous. if you don't have much time. here's what i did with some black scraps and that Hagar flannel saved just for me. i love Hagar. just turned it inside out and added running stitch around the edge. these are about 5" wide because that's how wide my black flannel scrap many weekends do you need to finish your little projects before xmas?


Tine said...

Your scarf looks great! I like the fabrics, so bright and cheerful :)

Pamela Joy said...

i didn't really appreciate it until i viewed the photo while inside the comment area - if you click on the typed word ('photo') when you are viewing the post w/in comment area the photo appears full screen - WOW . . . then you can really see it up close & appreciate the colors & awesome choice of location where you shot the photo - again, it's toooo beautiful - you should put a few up for sale @ your etsy store . . . what a nice christmas present it would make . . . lol, back to work on your other projects :O)

Eileen said...

That scarf looks so nice and soft and warm. But goodness... it does not look cold enough there to wear it! Although I'm sure that sunshine in the background is deceptive.

Shari said...

Great job Karen! I love it. Hope it's not too cold for you yet! Unfortunately Christmas here is HOT so I can't quite get away with Christmas fabrics in July, although... why not!

Anonymous said...

About a years worth of weekends still might be cutting it fine LOL

Beautiful job on the scarf. Is it a pressie?