Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

i've had this figurine for a long time. it's called Giving Thanks. & part of The Jessie Wilcox Smith Collection i purchased from Avon. stamped 1986. that sounds about right.i keep by my front door in a cabinet my Mom gave me years ago. i think i said i liked two that she had and said i could have one. thanks Mom. the knobs on the drawers were loose and worn. so i replaced with flannel bows which are soft to touch. amongst the this-n-that i keep are old batteries. on my way out of Whole Foods i noticed a container to properly dispose of them. as soon as i have enough i will bring them there. thank you Whole Foods. i often turn the pretty figures around. as the backs of them are as pretty as the fronts.many thanks to Pamela Joy for sending me key limes from Florida from her neighbor's tree. she noticed my joy from eating pears from my sister's tree. and wanted to please me. that she did. i found some sakuras satsumas at the store. they're just like a clementine. but prettied up with a stem. lots of little hugs to Pamela Joy.many thanks to Melanie from England for sending me the most beautiful shopping tote being sold by their grocery stores. i just don't know if i can carry groceries home in it. but it was overflowing with goodies. including an older patchwork magazine which i have already found projects to make. missing from pic is a sweet bookmark she handstitched with a K. it must be in that book i'm not reading. and not just for me. i have noticed her generosity has been spread across the planet. a big hug to you Melanie.thank you to Anna for today's dinner. & i'm sure Linda and Jessica are helping out with some dishes. i did not finish my waffle weave towels in time to bring today. but if i get invited back for leftover sandwiches. i will be sure to bring them.


Tine said...

What a nice post :) I love those little figurines, they look so pretty in that cabinet. Perfect.
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones :)

Pamela Joy said...

you are welcome for the key limes & a big hug back @ ya! say hello to everyone for me today & kisses to all the kids. happy thanksgiving you'all :O )

Anonymous said...

Glad you like the bits and pieces Karen. My those fruits look so fresh. :-)

What a lovely collection of ornies. I hadn't seen ties used like that on your gorgeous cabinet before.

Eileen said...

Yum! there is nothing better than Key lime pie.. you can usually only get it in Florida. You need to make some :-)

I love the top of that cabinet. Looks like a castle.