Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scrappy Sunday

Block #20i started hand quilting my Christmas Cottage quilt. this block was made by Nanette.the first names of my block makers neighbors are embroidered on trees. using the Press'N Seal method i mentioned here. a precise tweezer used for splinters should be used to remove the plastic. otherwise it will pull on the stitching.i'll add some buttons later. and some random stars. and a that all important label.


Eileen said...

This is such a good idea about the names! Cute as anything too.

And there's Charlie Brown. Perfect!

Tine said...

Wonderful neigborhood! And how fun to sticth the names of everyone :) It'll be a great quilt!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea with the names. You have your own blogland village. :-)

Cute scrap block. Love the lady.