Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scrappy Sunday

i had to show you this from yesterday. how did the fortune cookie people know i needed some support. & this fabulous fabric made me famous in my family. but i'm using the last ot it this year. boo-hoo.another inspired project from LMP+QG. pg. 29. can't show you the whole thing. it's a secret. but you get the idea. email me & maybe i'll show you the rest.and this week's scrappy block wasn't going to get done because i couldn't find 12 pieces that i haven't used. yesterday i looked again. hang on to your fabric. because two weeks ago i stole a tiny piece of the candycane fabric from Jessica. and yesterday i stole tiny pieces of these still auditioning fabrics from my sister. i'm getting desperate. but the result is Block #23.& if you're on Blogger i wanted to share this with you. Pamela Joy pointed it out to me this summer. it's a slideshow of recently published photos. & if you see something that interests you. you can just click on it and go to their blog. i've never seen any of mine on there. so i don't know who chooses them.


Shari said...

I just love that chinese takeaway fabric... hilarious.
And I like scrappy #23 - very oriental! Do we need to send you some scraps?

Messy Karen said...

i'll be o.k. i'm just too busy right now to rummage through my old stuff. & not ready to cut any new stuff.

Anonymous said...

Well done for squeezing out another square.

what unusual Chinese take out fabric!

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Eileen said...

shoot.. i forgot to add some scraps to that envelope..

Ming the Merciless said...

Next time you read a fortune cookie message, add the words "in bed" at the end of it and it changes the entire meaning of the message.